Featured Artist - Louise Buell

When it comes to vendors at Whimmydiddle, no one compares with Louise Buell of Garden City. In the 47 years history of the craft show, Buell has missed only two - the very first one and the last year.


"I started when they were on the courthouse lawn. I had two little girls at the time and I made a Sunbonnet Sue doll that I remember bringing to the show,” Buell recalls. Sunbonnet Sue, says Buell, “was my own creation.”


After two shows on the courthouse lawn, Buell and all the vendors moved to Patton Park and she has had the same location ever since. About eight years ago she switched to the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, along with Barbie dolls and tea towel sets. But the Ann and Andy’s continue to be her best sellers because no other vendor has them.


Source: Scott County Record