About the Whimmydiddle

If you look up Whimmydiddle in the dictionary, the chances are pretty good that you will not find the word listed. What is a Whimmydiddle? It is an Appalachian wooden toy that whirls around with the wind. Around these parts, and many of the surrounding areas, it is also a huge event that is greatly anticipated all year long.

The Whimmydiddle Arts and Crafts Fair started on a side street in Scott City, Kansas in 1972. Six local women artists were the first exhibitors. It was later moved from the side street to the courthouse lawn. The move to the City Park became necessary when the Fair outgrew the courthouse lawn area. The booths presently number around 300 and will remain close to that because of space limitations.

There is always a wide variety of food offered throughout the day. Some of the food vendors are from other states, but many local organizations take this opportunity to raise money for their group.

Alpha Omega, a chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority, became sponsors of the Whimmydiddle Arts and Crafts Fair in 1979 when there was only 60 booths at the time. This is a very large fund-raising event for the sorority, and with the booth rent they support many charities throughout the year.

Exhibitors come from many states. Shoppers travel many miles to make the annual event and a great deal of Christmas shopping is done at Whimmydiddle. Many of the exhibitors state that Whimmydiddle is the best arts and crafts show they have ever attended.

The date for the annual Whimmydiddle Arts and Crafts Fair is always the last Saturday in September. Source: Scott County Record
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